Who can contribute?

We welcome contributions to the Commentary from scholars (of any level), researchers, experts, or specialists in any discipline or field. The main qualification is an interest in Levi or the Holocaust and a perspective informed by specialist knowledge in your field or particular lived experience. You might be a neuroscientist, a historian, a regime survivor, an ecocritic, a theologian, an anthropologist, a chemist, a Shakespeare scholar, a war correspondent, a filmmaker, a lawyer, an artist… We’re interested in what you, from your perspective, notice in the text and your informed comment.

What is the site’s target audience?

The main audience for the Commentary is scholars and students of the work of Primo Levi, and scholars and students in other fields to which Levi’s work may be relevant. You can assume they have a reasonable level of knowledge of the text and the Holocaust but what they may not have is your particular scholarly lens or personal perspective. The site’s base language is English but it includes material in Italian and English, often in combination (e.g. Levi’s text quoted in Italian, with commentary in English). We aim to make it accessible in both languages. The site does not aim to replicate the admirable work of the Primo Levi Centre in Turin and others already offering great resources for school students and those new to Levi.

What can I contribute?

You can submit a short annotation or a longer contribution. These may be textual or multimedia in format. Each annotation or longer contribution must take as its start point a particular word or phrase in the chapter text.

– An annotation is around 50 words in length and might offer a point of factual information, a link to a related online resource, an informed observation

– Longer contributions are up to 1000 words or a multimedia piece (film, audio, image, map, chart or analysis…)

You can also submit a response to an existing annotation. We also welcome suggestions for improvements or corrections to other parts of this website.

When should I contribute?

You can make a contribution to the site at any time. The editors review annotations on a rolling basis.

How do I contribute?

Please either email the editors or use the form below to submit an annotation for review, including the single word or phrase on which you are commenting, and your ~50-word annotation or 1000-word longer contribution or other multimedia submission. Please check the Terms of Submission on the About page to make sure you are happy with the process of review and publication. If you have any questions, or are unable to use the form below, please email the editors: